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UK Parts is a direct supplier of fully reconditioned engines and an approved member of federations of engine remanufacturers.

At UK Parts, we make sure that all the reconditioning process is carried out to industry standards and to the original Manufacturer's specifications. Our technicians are fully qualified with over 30 years experience and they are regularly updated on current changes on the standards of engine re-manufacturing specifications. 

Crankshaft: All crankshafts are reground, crack tested and polished to the required dimensions and finish. 

Cylinder Blocks: Every cylinder block is either re-bored or re-sleeved. It is then meticulously honed to give the precise cross hatch and surface finish required.

Cylinder Heads: Cylinder Heads are thoroughly checked for cracks. After measuring for wear, valve guides are renewed as required.

Valve Seats are then machined to the required specifications. Valves are inspected for any damage or wear and are machined or replaced as required. All cylinder heads are refaced to the correct surface finish, as specified by the gasket manufacturer.

Components: All our engines are fitted with new components; pistons, piston rings, main and big end bearings, small end bushes, timing chains or belts, valves and guides, gaskets, oil seals and core plugs. We only use quality parts at all times and are stockists of all major reconditioning supplies.  

Condition of This Unit:

Reconditioned, 0 mileage. All the following internal components are genuine, new parts such as;  

·  Main and Big end bearing

·  Piston Rings

·  Timing Chain

·  Head Gasket

·  Oil seals

Parts that come new or re-machined:

·       Crank Shaft

·       Con Rods

Please note the Block would be honed, cylinder head would be fully reconditioned, skimmed, before being pressure tested. we would also reset shimming, and ensure that all valve clearances would be checked.

If you choose our Supply Service:

Delivery: Each day we have collections from DHL, TNT couriers and Pallet systems and in most cases can offer an urgent next working day delivery service for UK or Rest of the World premium delivery, or a more cost effective "Expedited" service for less urgent stock orders to find out how quick you will receive this unit, please call  0121 525 0201  0121 525 0201 and ask for Caesar.

Technical Help line: If you choose to become one of our supply customers and not use our fitting service, should your engine fitter's knowledge not be as specialist as ours, our fully trained technicians would be available on  0845 851 0971  0845 851 0971 to provide free technical advice to your mechanic Mon to Sat 9:30am to 12:30pm. This free service is only available to our customers.

Exchange basis: All our deals are based on an exchange basis and as we supply bare units and it does not include any "ancillary parts", Your Mechanic has got 7-10 working days to swap the ancillaries over from your existing engine to the replacement unit before we collect the old unit. If you choose only to have the engine supplied to you, there is also an opportunity for you to hold on to your exchange engine for a period of 5 days whilst ancillaries are changed over, for this we would take a deposit (holding fee) which is fully refundable when we receive your old engine.
Alternatively we can provide you with a initial disclosure whereby you would be required to sign a commitment which states we can collect your exchange engine 5 days later. Please note that this is an optional service and we would provide which ever service would be more beneficial to you throughout your purchase.

Your New Engine Number: Once we receive your exchange unit, we will provide you with an official document which contains your New Engine Number. Then you will need to send this document to D.V.L.A. in order to change your engine number in your logbook.

Warranty: UK-PARTS delivers the highest quality engines available. If warranty ever becomes an issue, we have the best hassle-free warranty in the industry. All our reconditioned engines have a written 6 month unlimited parts warranty. You can extend your warranty period at an additional cost. 

If you choose our supply and fitting service:

1. Vehicle collection Service: We send our recovery trucks to all around the UK to pick up our customer's cars and most of the times we can offer a next working day collection service throughout the whole of Britain. To book your vehicle for our free collection service please call  0121 5250201  0121 5250201 and ask for Caesar. (Depend on truck's availability) 

2. Engine Failure Analysis: Should you choose to become one of our supply and fitting service customers, once we receive your vehicle your engine would be removed and will be sent to our expert team to be stripped down to find out the reasons of your engine failure you can request a full written expert report on issues related to the reasons of your old engine failure. 

3. Engine Basic Care Training: We also provide a Basic engine care training for the replaced unit to all our supply and fitting customers on their collection day. 


4. Warranty: All our reconditioned engines have a written 12 month unlimited mileage Parts and labour Warranty (on Supply and fitting deals only). If anything goes wrong, within your warranty period, we would go as far as fitting another reconditioned engine into your vehicle absolutely free of charge!  

5. Your New Engine Number: Once we change your engine and reinstall another unit into your vehicle, we will provide you with an official document which contains your New Engine Number. Then you will need to send this document to D.V.L.A. in order to change your engine number in your logbook.


Call 0044 -  0121 525 02 01 and ask for Caesar or Maryam.